A collection of one liners, wit, and other random thought bubbles…

A Bit of Wit

  • Stew leaves me brothless.
  • Just because I suggested it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
  • Exercise the demons. They’re out of shape.
  • Celery leaves, but never for long.


Somber Musings

  • Nothing stirs a soul so mightily as two polar emotions, singularly enthroned. Love unconditional or the tiny terror of something unknown. -D.M.
  • One can do no wrong if one works with a heart full of love and light. -D.M.
  • I am not damaged. My pieces are just arranged differently than yours.
  • A bee cannot pollinate a seedling. A tree without blossoms cannot attract a bee. Patience is nature’s ‘perfect timing’. -D.M.